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  • Allows you to display overlays and scenes on top of edit fields
  • Manages and moves edit fields automatically with groups
  • Supports 9-slices , 3-slices and roundect frames
  • Supports labels for edit fields
  • Error frame to indicate required fields to the end user
  • AllowedChars and maxChars to limit the user input
  • Supports icons and buttons for the edit fields
  • Supports clear button
  • Gives you an onSubmit event
  • Supports custom sizes edit fields
  • Automatic font scaling
  • Automatic slide to unveil keyboard
  • Native mode if there are no scenes or overlays on top of the edit fields
  • Selection list functionality paired with a pickerList to select values from a pre defined list
  • Calibration support to adjust font scaling and offsets on android devices


Version 1.04 - Date Released 12/31/14

Version 1.03 - Date Released 05/10/14



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